Welcome to Foundation for Climate Change Refugees

What we do.

The Foundation for Climate Change Refugees is a non-profit organization dedicated to aiding those forced to move by climate change.  We are focusing our efforts towards education, awareness and mitigation of the adverse effects of our warming planet.  FCCR is committed to providing quality education to those impoverished by climate change in an attempt to alleviate the poverty it causes.  Awareness is crucial aspect in our objective to change the anticipated outcome of our  future.

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Who we are.

Our Company Mission
“The Foundation for Climate Change Refugees is committed to improving communities ability to adapt to the adverse impacts of climate change, mitigating the stresses of climate change-induced migration and promoting action on a global scale.  FCCR strives to educate, raise awareness and the support people around the world facing the effects of displacement by the global carbon-based economy.”
The FCCR Philosophy
We understand that earth’s resources are finite, and our current rate of consumption is simply unsustainable. Our actions have and will adversely impact not just us, but many people across the globe for generations to come. At FCCR, we are striving to a give a voice to the unheard, and strength to those who may be affected the most by global climate change.
Why Us?
At Foundation for Climate Change Refugees, we put a focus on long term sustainable solutions, education, women empowerment,

Meet Our Team

Benjamin Ryan

Benjamin RyanFounder, CEO

Benjamin E. K. Ryan understood that his inherited lifestyle was unsustainable.  It was not until his first trip to Bangladesh did this reality actually give way to a desire to change not only the unsustainable lifestyles of the world, but improve the negative ecological, economic and societal impacts of climate change-induced forced-migration.  Currently, he is enrolled at the University of Vermont, double majoring in International and Community Development Studies and Religion.  In late 2009, Ben came to realize that the most effective way to improve the world’s future sustainability was through education, action and awareness.  This recognition led to the concept behind the Foundation for Climate Change Refugees, a non-governmental organization dedicated to diminishing the potential for climate change-induced international migration and displacement.  Ben will be joining Auvee in Fall 2013 to start up the first project of the Foundation for Climate Change, a primary school for impoverished urban youth.

Mohshiur Auvee Rahman

Mohshiur Auvee RahmanChief Operating Officer

Auvee is an extraordinary member of Foundation for Climate Change Refugees.  As Chief Operating Officer, he is charged with administrating and managing the project, programs and functions of FCCR.  Prior to holding this position, Auvee with several peers founded and operated a non-profit primary school in the slums of Rayer Bazaar, Dhaka, Bangladesh with outstanding success.  After leaving his position as educational director, he partnered up with Kookaburra Australian Standard School and acted as the educational coordinator.  Now, Auvee is in London, England, enrolled in a graduate law program.  In the Fall of 2013, Auvee will return to Bangladesh ready to implement FCCR’s first educational program, our first primary school program.  Without Auvee’s dedication and leadership, FCCR would not be this far along.

Noushad Laila

Noushad LailaLivelihood Director

Currently enrolled in the University of Sydney for a MEd – Management and Leadership, Noushad is the backbone of FCCR’s Livelihood Project.  Though her undergraduate degree is in business, Noushad has come to realize that education the most effective way to utilize both her knowledge and experience to help those who need a hand.  Along with her husband, and another associate Noushad has successfully founded the Kookaburra Australian Standard School, catering to Bangladeshi children, many with learning disabilities, specifically autism.  As the Director of the Livelihood Program at FCCR, she is responsible for programs of human empowerment including literacy, adult education, vocational training and sustainable economic development.